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"Glyphs" was founded by Meirav Ringel in a sense and passion to create unique shapes and designs while using two particular materials that are metal and iron.

The studio is a dynamic workspace where different types of techniques and materials are explored while striving for perfection and rare designs.

The concept of "Glyphs" is the mix between the large range of products and the material itself.

The fine lines between the unique clients, architects and designers through the creation of dreams, art and designs while connecting to the constant conceptual innovation of the studio is a magical process where the following fields combine:

Wall-art- pictures, art and wall elements

Home accessories that combine clean lines and a hint toward other inspirational sources.

Customized designs that are fitted to the client's needs while considering the color, size and concept.

Industrial workspaces designed for architects and designers while using laser cut and divider projects.

Metal signs for indoor or outdoor signposting and labeling.

The metal is transformed from the industrial material into a magic wand that creates magical designs. Besides the obvious use of metal and its practical withstanding ability it is able to mold into an esthetic prestige and accurate shape through the use of laser cutting.

The main part of the studio's success is the designers and architects ability to take in the client's individuality and think outside of the box while collaborating to create the specific design and to continue creating endless options for future designs.

We invite you to join the magical world of "Glyphs".

Meirav Ringel

She is the glue that connects it all through her vision the magic begins.

Owner and Designer

Michal Shaul

A woman of words connects us to the world.

Social media

Iko Franko

She does everything in the studio and we can't without her!

Studio manager

Linor shturem

She gives a helping hand to create our designs and graphic material.


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