An iron piece that symbolizes a journey and an adventure.

The maze is a story that lies with all of us, that in spite it’s curves and edges, struggles and failures, accomplishments and success, loves and goodbyes, unforgettable moments we all wish to forget but can’t really let go of, they are all real fundamental pieces of life.

The Maze  is a metaphor that graphically engages the pacing of humans on this planet, the one and only life we live.


The Maze is made out of iron, the material is designed to emphasize life’s unexpected occasions by discovering  it’s uneven thickness. 

Amorphous formality expresses the individualism of each of us. The colors of the different streams of our personality, which exist in doses vary according to the personality with which we were born and according to the element of fire, water and earth.

This piece can stand alone or as a pair, since each one have our own story,  and they are shown in the most beautiful way, the same way as the mazes of life rencounter. 


This creation is one of a kind, just as each of us is unique and special. 

The piece is designed to be presented as a pair, according to the thought that two people become one journey, together and alone.

The Israeli poet Ehud Manor kindly wrote:  "Day and night all the time in one lane that is not marked, loyal to myself  And life, it only happens once”. 


Merav the designer writes: “I look at life as a journey that feels like a maze,  Life has it’s turns and we as individuals try to maneuver ourselves in order to find meaning and essence in it.

We are not programmed to navigate towards destinations, we feel, we love,(we follow emotions)  we get confused and we follow an intuition, sometimes we stumble into a wall and we get lost, ultimately this is the essence of walking in life like a Maze. The beauty of it all is that there ain't  one path or one truth but our own.


  • - Set of 2 wall art.

    - Size:  size: 41.3 X 32.2 inches 
    - Powder coated steel 
    - Packed securely with bubble wrap and labeled gift box
    - Ships worldwide from Israel