Set of 3 wall hanging featuring women silhouettes, framed metal wall art featuring a minimalist design that makes a unique living room decor.
Three unique images that deal with femininity, concrete yet abstract embellishments, which combine clear geometric elements and motifs that take inspiration from the world of design, fashion and what is in between.

The three images create language and power in their integration and each in its own right.
A work that is all poetry and praise for femininity, power combined with softness, and personal style.

Behind the work is a desire to express a contemporary mood, of feminine liberation and daring. It expresses the close connection between aesthetics and style as an instrument of internal expression.
The pictures are laser-cut metal evidence in black paint and receive a three-dimensional hypnotic mirror on the wall

Looking for an impressive home decor for your new home? Or a remarkable modern art gift?
This metal designed artwork will be outstanding on a bedroom wall. This set will be beautiful as an office decoration as well.

We offer 3 different women figure designs - A, B, C (check photo 4). You may choose the whole set or one frame of your choice.

Redesign your living room with WOMEN ONLY art set and transform the look of your space!

♥ 3 framed metal works
♥ Black women figures
♥ Easy to hang with nails
♥ Metal wall art made with love

♥ Steel
♥ Black coating

♥ A - 12.999 X 21.65" / 37 X55 cm
♥ B - 16.53 X 18.89" / 42 X48 cm
♥ C - 11.81 X 23.62 / 30X60 cm


  • ♥ Black metal matte finish.
    ♥ Easy to hang with nails
    ♥ Metal wall art made with love.

    ♥ Quality Powder coated steel.

    Care instructions:
    Wipe with a dry or a little damp cloth.

    Packed securely with bubble wrap and labeled gift box.